I’m Crochet Obsessed

My latest obsession is crocheting. I can’t believe I forgot that I knew how to crochet. I learned a long time ago before high school. I’ve made afghans in the past, but those always took so long and I lost interest. This was also before YouTube and internet! Okay, there was internet, but not idea sharing or anything.

My poor knee has been injured all summer and I was pretty much going crazy and decided the one thing I can do is crochet. It’s perfect to keep the brain occupied and my mind off my injury. I’m still injured, but luckily I can cross-country ski this winter and keep me half sane.

So far I’ve made hats, scarves, a poncho, a cocoon shawl/wrap, and a small blanket. I don’t have any pictures right now, but will hopefully get some up. Now I’m into making sweaters. I’m in the process of making my second one and I love it!  I would say knitting a sweater is probably the better option since I think it has drape better and use less yarn. But, I can’t knit for the life of me so I’m making it a personal challenge to crochet some sweaters.

My first sweater was going to be a boat neck sweater that I found on the Yarnspirations website HERE. It’s rated Easy and I would agree with that. I had some yarn on hand that I thought would work called Bernat Big Ball Baby Sport yarn in Baby Taupe. I was making a size small when I realized too late that it would be too small for me. I prefer my sweaters a little oversized. So I took it all apart (sniffle) and restarted again, but instead I thought a grit stitch would be nice. I wasn’t quite halfway done with the first panel when I realized I didn’t like the look. So I took it apart AGAIN! Now I’m left with rolled up balls of yarn staring at me. I will try again in a size medium. I’ll show you when I’m done (if I ever start).

My current project is a simple, oversized sweater.  I chose a basic yarn called Red Heart With Love yarn in tan. I consider it a bulky level 4 yarn compared with other level 4 yarns because the recommended hook is a K hook. I’m using a J hook for my pattern. The gauge is different so I did have to modify the pattern a bit. I designed the sleeves myself and I love love them so much.  I’ll show you the sleeves in a future post when i get some decent pictures taken.  It’s so warm and cozy!

Stayed tuned for a future post on the cozy sweater!