Crochet Cabled Wrist Warmers

I’d actually never thought about making myself a pair of wrist warmers, but after I made my cabled hat I found another project that Stephanie from All About Ami made.  She made these amazing cabled wrist warmers that I fell in love with right away.  Her wrist warmers can be found HERE.  The pattern was designed by Julee and can be found HERE.  I figured why not give it a go and see how they turn out!

I didn’t have the recommended yarn, but I had a bunch of some Bernat baby sport yarn in baby taupe that I thought would show off the cables nicely. I have to admit that it’s not my favorite yarn and I find it a bit scratchy, but I really needed a use for it.

To make the smaller wrist warmers you use a size F (3.75) hook and for the larger wrist warmers you use a size G (4 mm) hook.  This yarn crochets really well with a G (4 mm) hook so I decided to try that first.  The wrist warmers are worked in rows  and then sewn up the sides.  I decided to add two more rows to the portion under the thumb to give more arms a little more coverage since I’m always so cold!

I though it was so much fun crocheting the cables.  I got the hang of it and was able to crochet along without the pattern, except for increasing stitches for the thumb.  I thought it was very clever how Julee designed the thumbs.

After the cables are completed you slip stitch along the top, sew the two edges together and finish it off with single crochets along the bottom.  My finished dimensions were about 7 1/2″ wide by 8″ long.  Doesn’t it look elegant?

I also decided to make them using an F (3.75 mm) size hook, because I thought the smaller size would fit me better.  So I made a pair with an F size hook and added two extra rows before the thumb.  The dimensions were very similar to the ones created with a G (4 mm) hook, except a little more narrow.  These fit me much better.  I actually didn’t need to add the two rows, so I might just have to make another pair!

Oops, I didn’t match up the seems very well on the one shown in the left!  I paid more attention on the other one.

I definitely recommend making these as the pattern is so pretty and I enjoyed seeing the cables form.  I think these would make great gifts for friends.