How To Crochet Into The Back Bump Of A Chain

I’m trying to post a pattern for my favorite chunky crochet sweater, but I’m completely overwhelmed by it.  There’s a lot of explaining to do with it so I decided to break it up into several posts.  The basis of it involves crocheting into the back bump of the chain stitches.  You have to do it to follow the style of the sweater.  I took some photos of how I did it so I figured I should do a short blog post about it.  Once you learn how to do it, you’ll probably use it for all of your projects if you don’t already.  It creates a nice looking edge.

I found a YouTube Video made by Jennifer of Fiber Flux that explains how to do it.  I highly recommend that you watch it HERE.

The first thing you want to do is crochet your chain stitches as normal.  This is the front of the chain.

Now if you turn your chain over you’ll see the back bumps that you’ll be working your stitches into.

You’ll just work your stitches the same as you would if you went into the front of the chain.

You can see that the bottom edge has a neat, braided look to it.

A little tip is to not make your initial chain tight.  It will make it difficult to put your crochet hook under the back bump.  So give this a try so you can be ready for my sweater pattern!